What so special about Origins Aloe ?


Most other producers of Aloe Freeze Dried and Spray Dried Aloe Powders have had enzyme treatments and are exposed to high heat.

Those freeze-dried aloe powder products and spray-dried aloe products are  treated with enzymes thus losing the bulk majority of the so desired polysaccharide quality for health and wellness, these forms of Aloe powders are considered short-chain polysaccharide materials.


Origins Aloe ...

In the case of our Aloe Powders, their are NO Additives & NO preservatives and both our powder option are NEVER treated with enzymes NOR exposed to any high heat.  Using the most advanced spray drying processing methods known today in the world so the material is handled less, giving less chance for contamination. The spray-dried material then produces a higher polysaccharide and higher quality profile.  

These Aloe powder products are referred to as long-chain polysaccharide materials. More great reference regarding this via the publication by Bill McAnalley PhD  "The science behind Aloe Vera"

Our Aloe Vera 200:1 Inner Leaf Spray Dried Powder is perfect for use in cosmetics, beverages and  Dehydrated Aloe Powder is perfect for encapsulated nutritional products.

A premium Aloe Powder good for overall health and body maintenance. 

Natural Benefits of Aloe Vera - Barbadensis Gel from leaf of plant



Benefits and/or Functions

Constituent Elements: 
Amino Acids

§        Alanine                               

§       Asparagine

§       Aspartic Acid

§      Glutamine


  §    Glucine

§      Histidine

§  I  Soleucine

§      Leucine

§      Methionine

§     Proline

§     Threonine


 §    Arginine

§     Glutamic Acid

§     Cysteine

§     Hydroxyproline

§     Lysine

§     Phenylalanine

§     Serine

§     Tyrosine

§     Valine


 §     A


§      B1 – Thiamine


 §     B2 – Riboflavin


  §  B3 – Niacinamide


§     B6 – Pyridoxine

§      C – Ascorbic Acid

§      D

§     E – d-Alpha Tocopheryl



  §   Good functioning of skin’s adrenal glands.


  §  Helps maintain balance in the central nervous system.

§      For heart & blood vessels.

§      An anti-gastial duodenal ulcer drug found abundantly in Aloe Vera Juice. Readily passes the blood/brain barrier. Helps maintain proper pH-alkalinity, and healthy digestive track. Aids the body during periods of stress. Prevents muscle wasting.

      §   For the immune system

§      For hearing & nerve cells.

§      Regulates metabolism.

§    Essential in helping the body build other amino acids. Lowers blood sugar levels. Aids in increasing growth hormone production.

§       Liver & kidney cleanser & regeneration.

§      For natural emulsifying.

§      Assists metabolism & assimilation, intestinal & digestive tract function.

§      For burning fat & muscle building.

§      For brain health.

§      Hair growth & life span extension.

§      For natural emulsifying.

§      Fights herpes & simple viral infections.

§      For tissue maintenance & normal growth.

§      Tissue cleansing in lungs and bronchia.

§      For alertness & better memory.

§      The spark of mental vigour.


§       Antioxidant – protects the body against heart disease, cancer, eye damage.

§      Skin, eyes, hair, heart function, nerve tissue, muscles, brain, circulation.

§      Assists with carbohydrate, fat & protein metabolism, antibody & red blood formation, healthy eyes, hair, skin, nails.

§       Nervous system, dermatitis, diarrhoea, gastro-intestinal disturbances, dementia, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, memory impairment.

§       Dermatitis, insomnia, weakness, irritability, kidney stones.

§      Normal cell function, immune system, colds, flu.

§      Growth in children; kidney & liver disease.

§      Heart, lungs, eyes, liver, skin, infertility, circulation, scar tissue, muscles.


§       Iron

§       Calcium

§      Copper

§      Potassium

§      Sodium

§     Manganese

§     Choline


§   Magnesium


§      Haemoglobin & myoglobin, growth, teeth, skin, nails, bones, fatigue.

§      Bone structure, teeth, blood clotting, nervous system, insomnia.

§      Helps fuel energy production, prevent anaemia & bone disease.

§       Body waste disposal, oxygen to brain, blood pressure, diabetes, heart muscles, nervous system, teeth.

§      Essential for body cell & fluid functions.

§       Diabetes prevention, muscle strength, male potency, breast milk stimulant, utilises Vitamins B1 & E, aids metabolic processes.

§      Breaks down fat deposits, helps prevent atherosclerosis & heart disease.

§      Nervous system, memory, learning ability, sleep, menstrual cramps, aids Calcium & phosphorus metabolism, nervous system, heartbeat regulator, digestion, bones, arteries, heart, teeth.