Aloe Gel for Skin Relief - " two months ago I developed a small red spot that began to spread until it covered all the area of the skin graft.  It was itch and inflamed and red rawo and also weeping and painful and it would not heal.  I obtained the Aloe Liniment and also Aloe Gel and did alternate applications with both products and was completely relieved to say that I received immediate pain relief and further more after one week  the inflammation was diminishing " 

Aloe Skin Gel and Powder Drink -  I have very sensitive facial skin type, my face will itch and turn red if apply unsuitable skincare or under the sun. My skin has became dry and sensitive for a long time.  I discover Origins Aloe Skin Gel, I apply on my face twice daily, after a month I notice my skin has grown smoother, no more itch on my face !  I also start making aloe drink using the powder, after one month I noticed my thumb finger is more flexible compare last time, I will feel stiff and pain when I tried to bend my thumb especial the right hand, now has improved a lots !!

 Aloe Vera Powder Drink for Stiffness in Body - " I have suffered from stiffness in the morning for years and was a struggle to sit on floor and get up.  I thouhgh it was just old age (60).  I would just like to let you know I have been taking aloe vera drink (made from the powder) twice daily now for a few months and have no more se flootiffness and can sit on the floor and get up with ease."

  Aloe Powder Drink for Back Pain and Stiffness - " I have always had lower back problems and stiffness in the morning and constant pain.  I had taken aloe drink for a few day days  and began to feel such a difference pain / stiffness was subsiding. I was able to move freely ! "

 Aloe Gel for Radiation - " Radiation treatment for cancer frequently causes skin damage.  I was particularly vulnerable because the skin over the tumours was already partially damaged and grafted skin was also being radiated.  Even so, the doctors were amazed at how well the skin stood up to the radiation and how well it recovered afterwards and this was a large part due to using aloe vera gel immediately after each treatment. "

 Aloe Powder for Burning Stomach Pain - " My friend who is affected by similar burning pain in her stomach now and then this disappears completely with a drink of Aloe Juice (made from Aloe Powder) every day  ;) or every second day, she has tried lots of expensive medications before which have all been failures.  They haven't reduced the pain in anyway.  the Aloe vera juice (made from the Aloe Powder) is eliminating the pain completely 100% success. :) "

 Aloe Gel for Skin Inflammation - " I have been using Aloe gel and spray to stop as well.  All feel very cooling and relieving and seem to stop the terrible itch from rash on my back that  I have had for many years.  The relief usually lasts most of the day then I reapply more gel. So I am grateful for that in the last eight years I have tried dozens of products for the inflammation and itch but the gel is most effective." 

  Aloe Gel for Ulcer Tropical ulcer on the hip of a lady treated with a quality Aloe vera extract, Significant results are evident ! 

 Aloe Powder Drinks for Energy - " most Vibrant Alive Freshest Aloe Vera Juice I have ever tasted .. may energy levels have increased dramatically ! " 

 Some Application of Aloe Vera retrieve from Google :

“ Diabetes Prevention and Treatment
In a study published in the "Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin" in 2006, scientists tested the anti-hyperglycemic effect of five different compounds called phytosterols found in aloe vera gel on mice with Type 2 diabetes. After being administered the phytosterols for one month, the mice had reduced glucose levels. The researchers concluded aloe gel impacts blood glucose levels in the long term, which could be useful in treating Type 2 diabetes. The "Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal" in 2009 published a study that verified this conclusion. Researchers gave Type 2 diabetic patients aloe supplements daily. After four weeks, researchers noticed a significant reduction in triglycerides, and after six weeks the patients' glucose levels were reduced significantly. “ 

Aloe contains several anti-inflammatory compounds, including salicylic acid, C-glucosyl chromone and an enzyme called bradykinase. Meanwhile, aloe reduces the production of acid in the body, which also prevents inflammation. According to a study published in "Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics" in 2004, consuming aloe might prove helpful in treating inflammatory bowel disease. Another study from the same publication published in 2004 reported that aloe can also be helpful in mild to moderate cases of ulcerative colitis. In the study, aloe supplementation absolved or improved symptoms in 47 percent of cases, whereas only 14 percent of cases in the placebo group saw improvements.”

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